giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

is your friend aware to be promoter in some p2p adv ? and you ?

Logged in Facebook this morning, I was browsing the homepage with the usual zero-attention to the many stupid boxes in the side columns, including the adv box on the right. So, ooh!, my eyes were captured by the portrait of Eugenio, a friend of mine, displayed in the wrong placed on the right.

Immediately I read the full content and discovered Eugenio was mentioned there, with his face, as supporter of a commercial web service. (See the yellow coloured box in the pic).

Is Eugenio aware to be promoter in that p2p adv ? How mutch payed ?
And me ? you ? Are all of us engaged as testimonial in any webservice in contract with Facebook, and we do not know ?

[Reloading the page, that adv is not displayed any more: subliminal effect or cancelled signs ?]

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Eughenes ha detto...

Actually I was not aware, I guess I gave my consent (not very well informed :-) when I added this application on Facebook, but I don't worry too much as long as they use this kind of information fairly and without misleading readers (I actually added Language Exchange application to my Facebook and that's simply what has been stated promoting that application to a friend of mine). What I'd like to be sure of is that my information is not used outside a context I approved or in a way misleading the reader. The only way to be sure of this is to rely on privacy policy of Facebook and the Application, but who really read all of the privacy policies of subscribed sites/networks?