sabato 29 settembre 2007

you're not doing it for you, there's somebody out there.

Seth Godin returns on a basic issue in communication: the rule of 7 (but 3 it's better!).

[...] Even though Aaron wasn't trying to sell a single idea with overkill, sometimes, marketers are doing just that. They're going overboard with all the benefits and features and wonders of the product or service they're launching. Politicians make this mistake every single day.


Seven is probably too many bullets. Three is more like it.

Three we can handle. Three is manageable and memorable and actionable. Give me three things and I can find a place for them in my brain. Each of those three things can probably have three subthings if you like. And then, at least for now, that's it. [...]

A lot of people forget the simple fact that communication is not a simple action, and a proper method is strongly required. Your presentation should be managed in 7 steps. Your message should be translated in the listener's language...

The most part of a full theory for communicators can be condensed: you're not doing it for you, there's somebody out there. It's not a matter of making sound, publishing words, showing images, giving voice to personal thoughts or ambition: make your audience getting the message, that's it.

Here Frank Luntz comes to advice that understanding and communicating are not convergent. What people understand, Luntz says, comes first. Think to that, before starting a new communication. (He probably put the audience consensus above all, but this is another story).

So what people will understand when you'll start communicating ? You have to know your audience, how they use to communicate, where they put their attention. And what is best than a social network where your audience communicate, and you can listen and learn, to take the impasse over ?

I stop here, I give you no more than 3 points, for now.

venerdì 21 settembre 2007