sabato 10 novembre 2007

Web2.0: who is the paying customer ?

Discussing about Facebook strategy, a question rises: In the web2.0, who is the paying customer ?

If only companies are available to give money for visibility, every business model will be a new version of the same advertising sale revenue stream, in spite of the disruptive innovation of the underlying web2.0 techno-social application.

There's somebody interested in paying for advanced services, so also the "basic for free, advanced for fee" schema is viable. But
- those people seem to be not so many
- there's a roof limiting that profit space: people love (and need) *simplicity*
- services are/are going to be available "open"

And what about people who whishes to make a donation ? RadioHead are testing a sort of this gift economy, but we know that opensource firms and professionals are not living by this. We know also, historically speaking, gift economy is "reciprocal" and consequently used between "peers".

Are we really surprised if Facebook is planning to make profit on its magic numbers selling adv again ? Have we to appreciate the new in how adv will be sold, more ?

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